Our philosophy


The complete redesign on the basis of new technologies makes Alfacharlie quicker than ever before.


Your data is safe with Alfacharlie. Newest safety standards ensure maximum safety.


A clear layout as well as usability were the focus of the redesign. Using the new Alfacharlie is as intuitive as never before.

Features for pilots

Searching for airplanes

Easily find rental offers in your area.

Booking calendar

Alfacharlie works like a classic booking system for airplanes. The scheduling reservation and booking calendar is simple and easy to use.


Manage your memberships in different clubs or rental operators in one place.

Features for airplane owners

Easy member integration

Invite your existing members and pilots easily and quickly. By importing your contact list, your contacts are automatically invited via mail and added to your organization.

Airplane management

Create individual profiles for all of your airplanes, upload documents like checklists and pictures and make them available for your pilots

Booking rules

Decide who can use your airplane and when. With Alfacharlie you can easily adjust your booking rules.

Developer API

Alfacharlie offers the possibility of integrating your own applications through an API.


Lend your airplane to another club or owner group. With a mouseclick you can lend the airplane and get it back. No need to create a new airplane profile.

Member management

Appoint other members or pilots as managers and delegate tasks.

New features

Push notifications

With the new feature of push notifications you won‘t overlook any more important events. As soon as an activity, such as a request or a booking are registered, they will be visually displayed in the upper menu.


With the help of the new dashboard, you keep an overview of the most important things. Here, you can see an overview of your bookings, search other pilots as well as well as see offers from other providers.

Booking calendar

The booking calendar is clean and easy to use. Comfortably switch between the weekly and monthly view and invite other pilots to your booking.

New features for airplane owners


The new menu combines clarity and intuition. Here, you manage your complete organization, add documents and photos, create airplane profiles and invite other pilots.

Airplane profiles

With the help of the newly developed airplane profiles you have even more flexibility. From now on you can upload multiple pictures of your airplane and specify details about it (aviation electronics and prices). The filing system for documents such as checklists is completely new as well. Manage individual booking rules and clear the airplane for different pilots.

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